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Our Growth Story

Ayurveda Kendra was founded by Dr. Sudha Asokan at Chanakyapuri on September 14th 1990, where she vowed to increase the awareness of traditional Kerala Ayurveda in North India and introduce Delhi to "The Authentic Ayurveda Experience". The Centre began as a small clinic-cum-dispensary-at New Delhi's Chanakyapuri neighbourhood and quickly expanded to cater to the growing demands of the centre's treatments and therapies. The centre was inaugurated by Dr.PN Haksar, an IAS officer who was an aide of Jawaharlal Nehru and Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, in the presence of AK Damodaran, a former Indian diplomat. Since its inception, Ayurveda Kendra has been growing multitudes  with several clinics throughout India. It has also had several tie-ups with hotel groups and conglomerates such as the Lalit Group, Surya Spa (Mauritius), Midas Day Spa (Kathmandu) etc. Ayurveda Kendra earned its reputation due to its ability to treat several ailments and disorders that modern medicine could not treat. This kind of success led to the establishment of more clinics and collaborations in quick succession

Our Journey

Our Journey
September 14

Dr. Sudha establishes Ayurveda Kendra in New Delhi

“Ayurveda Kendra” was founded by Dr. Sudha Asokan at Chanakyapuri on September 14th 1990, where she vowed to increase the awareness of traditional Kerala Ayurveda in North India and introduce Delhi to “The Authentic Ayurveda Experience”.
April 25

Dr Sudha establishes Ayurveda Kendra in the south Delhi locality of Safdarjung Enclave

After setting up the clinic in Chanakya-puri, this was the the first step towards expansion of the clinic when it was set up in Safdarjung Enclave at South Delhi
September 25

Dr Sudha travels to Japan to introduce Ayurveda

Dr Sudha, with the help of Ms.Takano Yuri, the owner of a chain of beauty clinics called the Takano Yuri Beauty Clinic, trains therapists and educates them in the science of Ayurveda.
September 25

Dr. Sudha’s own manufacturing unit established in Thrissur, Kerala

A landmark year for Dr. Sudha. To ensure that the quality of medicines and oils used for treating patients are of the highest quality, Dr. Sudha set-up her own pharmacy at Thrissur, Kerala
September 25

Ayurveda Kendra expands into a 20-bed hospital

Ayurveda Kendra expanded the Safdarjung Enclave branch into a 20-bed Ayurvedic Hospital, which was called “Ayurveda Asramam”
November 25

A health spa opens in collaboration with Clark Shiraz, Agra

This partnership was established to extend the reach of the benefits of detoxification, wellness, beauty and rejuvenation
May 25

A health spa opens in collaboration with Bogmalo Beach Resorts, Goa

In response to the growing demand for detoxification, wellness, beauty and rejuvenation, yet another partnership was established with Bogmalo Beach Resorts, Goa
June 3

Another branch of Ayurveda Kendra opens in Mumbai

A treatment centre of Ayurveda Kendra was opened and was inaugurated by Maharashtra Chief Minister Mr. Vilasrao Deshmukh. Over the years, it has treated hundreds of people, including luminaries like Ajay Devgan, Ramanand Sagar and Vasundhara Das
June 25

Ayurveda Kendra expands in the NCR region through the establishment of a clinic in Gurgaon (Haryana)

In order to cater to the growing demand and popularity of Ayurveda Kendra in the Delhi and NCR region, a centre was opened in Gurgaon, Haryana. The proximity to the corporates has helped many to de-stress themselves and cope with the pressures of daily life
October 26

Pharmacy established as Sarada Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals

As the manufacturing unit in Kerala grew, it was established as “Sarada Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals” in the year 2005 as it brought significant number of products and medicines patented under its umbrella.
April 25

A tie-up is established with the Lalit Group

This was the beginning of a long period of association with the Lalit Group. Today, Ayurveda Kendra has collaborated with 7 centers under the banner of “Rejuve Spa” which is owned by the Lalit group
November 25

Midas day spa in Kathmandu, Nepal set-up in collaboration with the Norwic Hospital, Thipthalli, Kathmandu

In one of the ventures to expand the benefits of Ayurveda beyond India, this collaboration was set up in Nepal
November 25

Ayurvedic healing resort launches in Hastinapur

An Ayurvedic healing resort is established in Hastinapur, as a peaceful getaway from the maddening crowd, to enable people to unwind, rejuvenate and rejoice life