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Ayurveda Kendra – An NABH certified Ayurvedic Healing Centre

Who we are

Ayurveda Kendra is a traditional and authentic Ayurvedic healing center, which was set-up in 1990 with the objective of using Ayurvedic methods as a means of healing patients and enabling them to achieve a healthy body, mind and soul. It specialises in drawing the knowledge of ancient wisdom to deliver health and vitality to its patients and clients across the globe. Ayurveda Kendra was established and is headed by Dr. Sudha Asokan (B.A.M, M.D), a world renowned Ayurvedic Doctor, who belongs to a long lineage of traditional Ayurvedic doctors. Dr. Sudha has over 30 years of experience in practicing, researching and developing the potent style of Ayurveda.

What we do

Specialise in treatment of ailments and various detoxification & rejuvenation therapies

Ayurveda Kendra specialises in treatments to cure debilitating diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, spondylitis, sciatica, paralysis, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, slip disc, diabetes, respiratory disorders, epilepsy, migraine, hypertension, asthma, ulcer etc. It also offers detoxification therapies (Panchakarma), rejuvenation therapies, anti-aging and age reversal therapies, weight loss & beauty therapies and treatments to overcome depressions and stress. Besides Ayurvedic massages, oral medicines are also given wherever required.

Use a holistic approach to healing, using 100% natural herbs and therapies 

To provide treatment for specific illness or diseases, Ayurveda Kendra uses a holistic approach that considers all the elements that make up the life of an individual. As a result, people undergoing treatment do not leave with a long list of medications; rather, they learn how to achieve total mind-body health using the least possible invasive methods. The treatments include usage of natural herbs and supplements, massage therapies, yoga and specialized detoxification & rejuvenation therapies. People also without any ailments can undergo these treatments and rejuvenation packages for a healthy living.

Treat our patients and clients at clinics and Ayurvedic retreats across locations

All the Ayurveda Kendra centers are set in homely environs with well-equipped rooms and treatment facilities. The healing centers are situated in Delhi, Gurgaon, Kerala and Hastinapur. All healing Centers are adequately equipped with all modern necessities to deliver a comfortable and relaxing experience. Special living arrangements are made for in-patients at certain locations, wherein they are provided with well-furnished air-conditioned rooms and given simple diets to suit their specific body types.


Manufacture highest quality products using 100% natural ingredients

Ayurveda Kendra has its own manufacturing unit called Sarada Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals situated in Thrissur, Kerala. With a GMP and ISO certification, the unit manufactures over hundreds of patented and classical oils, powders, capsules and kashayas (water decoctions). Maintaining the highest standards of quality, the products have been developed based on detailed research. Leveraging the knowledge of three generations of Ayurvedic practitioners, intense care is taken to formulate the recipe and manufacture each product. The medicines are used for treating our patients at all our centres and also retailed.

Provide consultancy services to set up Ayurvedic spas, clinics and hospitals

Apart from delivering Ayurvedic Treatments and Therapies to its patients, Ayurveda Kendra also provides consultancy services to set-up spas, clinics and hospitals. The centre provides all the knowledge, framework, equipment, resources and mechanisms for running the establishments. Internationally, Ayurveda Kendra has provided consultancy services and help set up Ayurvedic Establishments in Japan, Mauritius, Nepal and Australia.

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