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Our Manufacturing Unit

Leveraging on the vast knowledge and expertise gathered by three generations of expert Ayurvedic practitioners, the equitable climate of Kerala with an abundance of natural resources and the vision to have the highest standards of quality embedded into the Ayurvedic products, Dr. Sudha established her own pharmacy in 1995.

After sustained research based on careful study of medicines and patients, this unit was set up under the name of "Sarada Ayurveda Pharmacy" in the pristine land of Kerala in Thrithaloor (Thrissur district), to be able to formulate and manufacture the most authentic herbal remedies for a range of ailments and requirements. With the need to research, develop, modernise and patent many more products over the years, the unit was re-established and inaugurated by Shri K.K. Ramachandran (Health Minister of Kerala) as "Sarada Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals" on 25th April, 2005 with multiple medicines patented under this name.

Sarada Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals is today run under the supervision of a panel consisting of Ayurvedic Experts and is GMP (granted by the Health Deaprtment of Kerala) and ISO certified. Sarada Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals has a well-equipped research laboratory, uses 100% natural products as ingredients for all the remedies manufactured and follows stringent quality standards to manufacture a wide range of unique Ayurvedic medicines, oils and allied products.

Since its inception in 1995, the pharmacy has been supplying authentic medicines to all the Ayurveda Kendra centres as well as to the various organisations Ayurveda Kendra and Dr. Sudha have collaborated with. With the licence to export, the products have also reached international markets to benefit our client across the Globe. As a part of the overall vision to deliver the most authentic Ayurvedic experience, Sarada Ayurvedic Pharmaceuticals has been able to deliver to all its customers authentic and traditional herbal remedies.