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How do I know Ayurveda Kendra is the best choice for me?

Our traditional Kerala therapies and helpful, friendly staff combine to create a wonderfully relaxing and healing experience. Since we began in 1990 many thousands of people have benefitted from and have enjoyed Ayurveda Kendra – click here to see what makes us special.

Where is Ayurveda Kendra located?

We have centres in Delhi, NCR and Kerala. Click here to see contact details and location maps.

When is the hospital and Spa open?

We are open in Delhi and in Gurgaon from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm daily. Guests are requested to book a prior appointment for their massage in the above mentioned time frame. To book a consultation with the Doctor, you could get in touch with the respective centres and book your appointment accordingly. You could also click here  to book an appointment.

Can Ayurveda be used safely alongside other therapies?

As Ayurveda has no side effects and is holistic in its approach, it is complimentary to other natural therapies. If you have any doubts please consult your alternative or allopathic physician before undertaking any treatments with us.

How do I make an appointment?

Please call us or write us an email with your requirements and we’ll be glad to help.  You could also click here  to book an appointment online.

Note: Appointments are scheduled on a first come, first served basis. We recommend that guests book their appointments in advance to avoid any disappointment.

Who decides on the appropriate treatment(s) for me?

The treatment(s) appropriate to your current condition and nature will be advised following a thorough consultation with one of our expert Ayurvedic Doctors.

How many types of treatments are there and how do I choose?

We offer a comprehensive range of treatments and natural herbal medicines to both heal and pamper your body. One of our Ayurvedic Doctors will help you choose the treatments that will enable you to maximize the benefits.

What if I have special health issues?

Guests should notify the Ayurvedic Doctor before booking if they have high blood pressure, allergies or other physical ailments and disabilities.

Alcohol should not be consumed an hour before, during or an hour following a treatment.

What would the gender of my therapist be?

At Ayurveda Kendra, in alignment with the Ayurvedic principles, we have a strict policy of allocating female therapists for women and male therapists for men. We do not provide any cross gender treatments.

What should I wear during the treatment?

Guests may wish to wear their own bikini or briefs, or can be provided with a traditional Kerala loincloth wrap. Alternatively, guests may wish to enjoy the treatment without any inhibitions. The discretion to wear any clothes is left completely to the patients and our therapists will always respect the guest’s privacy.

When should I arrive for a single treatment?

Guests should arrive at least 15 minutes before the treatment time to allow for checking in, changing and seeking any clarifications (if any).

When should I arrive for a Spa therapy package?

Spa guests should arrive at least 30 minutes before the first treatment is due to start to allow for checking in, settling into your room and changing. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have during this time also.

Can I ask the therapist to accommodate personal preferences (for example, adjust the massage pressure applied, volume of music playing, etc.)?

Please do ask! We actually encourage this as we want you to enjoy your experience at Ayurveda Kendra to the fullest.

Can I get admitted as I find it difficult to travel from my place on a daily basis for a prolonged treatment?

Yes. The facility in New Delhi provides accommodation on request. Simple vegetarian food (customized in alignment with the treatment being undertaken) is also prepared and served to the guests. Amenities such as wi-fi connection, AC, television are made available to our guests who wish to stay with us.