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The word Yoga means "to join or unite” and it is the union of physical, mental and spiritual self. Yoga is totally different from the aerobics and other weight training exercises as it brings the mind and body into a mutual state of well being, balance, and alertness. Yoga not only involves practicing ‘asanas’ (assuming physical postures) and different breathing techniques but also inculcates balance in life through self restraints, regulated food habits, rest, meditation, and cultivation of correct thought and action. Yoga comprises the following eight steps:

Yama (Disciplines for actions)shutterstock_146895227
Niyama (Injunctions for inaction)
Asanas (Various Body Postures)
Pranayama (Breathing Techniques)
Pratyahara (Restraints from sensual enjoyment)
Dhahran (Focusing of Mind)
Dhyana (Meditation)
Samadhi (Super Consciousness)

The Yoga postures are designed in a way to put pressure on the glandular system of the body, which in turn increases the efficiency and health of the human being. The breathing techniques of Yoga are based on the concept that breath is the source of life in the body. With the help of various breathing techniques the toxins in the body are removed by oxygenating the blood and improving the physical and mental health of the person. These two structures prepare the body and mind for meditation. With the help of meditation, the aspirant can achieve a calm mind, free of stress and tension free.

The Yogic Practices sharpen the faculties with an integrated personality development at physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual level. At the physical level, disease free body is conferred with a powerful immune system. The power of imagination, creativity and steadfastness is established by Yoga at the mental level. At the emotional level, Yoga consciously expands and diffuses the overtures of sensitization whereby control over behaviour is regulated at critical situations. Yoga not only intensely sharpens the intellect of the mind, but also helps in the mastery of over-coming the enslaving power of the sharpened intellect. Ultimately, Yoga prepares an individual to evolve spiritually by recognising the self in all the creatures and experience the bliss by feeling oneness with all.

Yoga Programs

Yoga can be defined differently depending on various schools of thought. But in short, like Ayurveda, Yoga also is a way of living. It helps one to attain a balance between the body and mind, make the body agile, delivers calmness and helps manage several diseases, mental conditions etc. The aim of Yoga, as pictured in Bhagwat Gita, says that it is the way to get free from sorrows, overcome anger & misery and achieve equilibrium.

The aim of Ayurveda and Yoga are the same, i.e. salvation. Health is the main route through which one can attain salvation.

Asana is a segment of Yoga which includes different stable yogic postures.It helps attain control over physical body through which one can control the mind and thereby enhance all over development of being. It provides lightness of the body, enhances strength and health.

Even the very basic Vajrsana helps relieve stiffness in the joints and improves concentration. The Suptavajrasana is beneficial for thyroid abnormalities and helps expand the chest. There are other special techniques which are specified for health ailments like back ache and respiratory problems.

Another section of Yoga, which is Pranayama helps attain mastery over the mind. It also improves lung ventilation and lung circulation, improves concentration of mind, gives a relaxed emotional state, improves vital capacity of lungs, relaxes skeletal muscles etc.

These are highly beneficial in several digestive aliments also. If one becomes a regular practitioner of a few postures of Yoga and follows an Ayurvedic diet and regimen, he will be able to maintain good health for long.

Dr. Sudha will advice you the right posture to be practised at the apt time during or after the treaments.

Once the body is detoxified by Ayurvedic treatments and medicines you can practice a few appropriate postures after consulting. We can also provide you expert guidance under our efficient Yoga teachers.