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Vasthi an Ayurvedic Therapy, Ayurvedic Treatment Clinic in Delhi

Vasthi is an ace among Ayurvedic Treatments. It is rendered in two ways: The first is by channelizing warm medicated oils or decoctions on the affected areas of the body through a concentrated channel made from herbal pastes or leather; the second is through medicated enema. It is a highly effective treatment that helps treat multiple Dosha disorders, degenerative disorders, neurological ailments, rheumatic complaints etc.

Key Benefits

1) One of the most potent methods of treatment in Ayurveda
2) Reduces pain and inflammation
3) Helps in lubrication of various body parts where the treatment is rendered
4) Pacifies the Vata Dosha
5) Purification of the body
6) Multiple forms of administration to treat specific disorders

Vasthis at Ayurveda Kendra

Kativasthi (Lower Back Vasthi)

Duration: 60 minutes

A unique Kerala treatment where a frame of black gram paste is formed on your lower back and is filled with specially prepared warm herbal oil. This preparation is poured over the body after a massage. The powerful healing herbal oils deeply penetrate into the vertebrae, cleanse the blood and strengthen & lubricate the muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments. It is one of the best treatment for lower back ache. Kativasthi is highly recommended for relieving debilitating lower back conditions such as lumber spondylosis, inter vertebral disc prolapses (slip disc), lumbago (lower back pain) and sciatica.

Greevavasthi (Neck Vasthi)

Duration: 60 minutes

Specially prepared warm herbal oil is poured over the neck and retained inside the black gram paste boundary for the required duration. The healing properties of herbal oils used for this therapy deeply penetrate, build and maintain the strength of the muscles and lubricates the cervical vertebrae keeping them flexible and pain free. Greevavasthi is highly recommended for conditions such as cervical spondylosis, stiff neck, neck and upper back pain.

Shirovasthi (Head Vasthi)

Duration: 60 minutes

A leak proof leather container is fixed on the head and prescribed herbal oil is retained inside the container for a particular duration. It is an effective therapy in treating most of the neurological conditions like facial paralysis, insomnia, headache, migraine, depression etc. It also treats the dryness of nostrils, mouth and throat.

Urovasthi (Chest Vasthi)

Duration: 45 - 60 minutes

Like the other vasthis, warm medicated oil is poured and retained over the chest region through a channel prepared by herbal paste for a specified period of time. It is one of the main treatments for cardiovascular and respiratory disorders and helps treat various ailments such as chest pain, heart diseases, asthma etc. The healing property of the medicated oil helps to re-activate the muscles and other connectivity tissues. This in turn increases the circulation of blood. The blood is enriched and the muscles are strengthened when warm oil is constantly recycled and poured inside the area made by herbal paste. 

Kashayavasthi (Herbal Decoction Enema)

Duration varies

A combination of decoction, honey, oil, salt and other herbal medicines are used for this enema. It is the main treatment for all Vata disorders. It helps in pacifying the Vata Dosha and restores its equilibrium. It also helps to some extent in maintaining the balance between all the three Doshas namely Vata, Pitta & Kapha; thereby maintaining a state of health.

Snehavasthi (Herbal Decoction Enema)

Duration varies

This is an oil enema which is very useful in lubricating the colon. It is also the main therapy for all Vata disorders such as constipation, neurological ailments, paralysis, flatulence, lower backache, gout and rheumatic complaints.