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Dhara, in it's literal translation, implies "flow". In Ayurvedic treatments, Dhara is a form of treatment in which a continuous stream of warm oil, buttermilk, milk or a extracts of herbs are to flow in a rhythmic manner, to treat specific body parts or ailments. With this method, the oil or the medical concoction runs through the pores into the body, thus triggering the healing mechanism of the body and mind to restore good health. This treatment is soothing, relaxing and acts as a very effective method of cleansing the body of various toxins. 

Key Benefits

1) Calming and soothing effect
2) Helps in cleansing and lubrication of body parts
3) Improves sensory functions
4) Cures insomnia, anxiety, depression, migraine, paralysis
5) Cures psoriasis and other irritable skin conditions, also prevents hair fall
6) Enhances immunity and longevity of life

Dharas at Ayurveda Kendra

Shirodhara (Dhara with herbal oil for the forehead)

Duration: 75 minutes

Uninterrupted precision in pouring of suitable herbal oil on the forehead works wonderful results in stimulating the nervous system. This calms the entire body system, triggers healing and restores health. This treatment is particularly effective in nervous disorders, headaches, migraine, paralysis, insomnia, depression, anxiety etc. It increases circulation to the brain, soothens the senses and calms the mind.

Thakradhara (Dhara with medicated buttermilk for the forehead)

Duration: 60 minutes

A relaxing treatment similar to Shirodhara using medicated buttermilk instead of oil. Steady streams of warm herbal-infused buttermilk flow rhythmically across the forehead and through your hair, helping to calm the mind and soothe the nervous system. It is also very effective in curing psoriasis and other irritable skin conditions, depression and hair fall.

Ksheeradhara (Dhara with milk and herbs for the forehead)

Duration: 60 minutes

This treatment is similar to Shirodhara, but instead of herbal oil, milk specially prepared with herbs is used. This is a popular treatment during the hot summer months as it has a cooling effect on the body. It is very effective in treating insomnia and paralysis.

Nethradhara (Dhara with extracts of herbs for the eyes)

Duration: 20 minutes

Extracts of certain herbs in small streams are poured over the eyes is Netra Dhara. It lubricates, heals and cleans the eyes.