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General Health

Health is main natural condition and since time immemorial man has tried to understand the determinants of health and tried to devise methods and practices to remain healthy and cure illness.  It is now increasingly being realized that modern medicine is not very successful in addressing problems of ill health which has multifaceted causes in social, cultural, psychosomatic, behavioral and environmental aspects.

Ayurveda the science of life, knowledge of healing not only is concerned with treatment o f diseases but is a complete way of life.  This alternate system of healing believes that man is made up of 5 basic elements –earth, water, fire, air and space, which in turn forms the basis for treatment as well.  Ayurveda focuses on an individuals holistic health rather than just the physical body.  It lays stress on the fact that a perfect health condition can be achieved through psychosomatic integration involving the mind, senses and soul.
Ayurveda makes superb use of body massages, herbal health remedies, yoga and unique physical purification method called panchakarma to provide relaxation and relief to a person making him disease free and stress free.  Ayurveda encompasses, the need for spiritual, mental and physical well being of a person. For attaining the same it believes,  that one’s life must move in harmony with the laws and rhythms of nature.  A balance between the 5 great elements of universe and the 3 doshas enshrined in our ancient Ayurvedic texts is essential for perfect functioning of the human body, mind and soul.

Physical benefits -  According to Ayurveda each individual is a combination of the 3 doshas namely vata, pitta and kapha. These 3 govern the metabolic activity in an individual. The detoxification methods like panchakarma and other health remedies ( herbal) when applied wholly/singly make the body, more responsive to medicines thereby hastening the healing process. Various yogasanas achieve,  the twin propose of strengthening the body, vital organs like heart, liver etc.  as well as keep the physical and psychological condition strong.  Not only do the herbal remedies play an important role in internal health and well being but also external health and beauty which is quite evident from the overall appearance.

One of the most important reasons for increasing use of Ayurveda in beauty and skin care is that this system can clearly bring out a youthful clear skin in conjunction with happiness and relaxation which otherwise can’t be achieved by cosmetics.  A well regulated lifestyle along with suggesting a discerning diet according to ones doshas will go a long way to strengthen ones natural immune system.

Ayurveda is perhaps the first such system that recognises that all diseases are, but the direct manifestations of one’s mental conditions. Any disturbance in the 3 states of human mind (Trigunas) namely Satwa, Rajas as and Tamas manifests in the form of physical illness. Overall health of an individual depends upon the condition of body and mind.  4 principles namely: regulation of

1) Ahara (Food habits)

2) vihara(activities)

3) Nidra(sleep)

4) Maithuna (sexual activity) is needed to maintain balance and equanimity of mind. Kerala’s traditional massage treatments like Pizhichil, shirodhara, nasyam, pichu, thalam, panchakarma treatments, besides the much tested Yoga asnas, leave a calming effect over the nerves.

Each individual is said to possess undefined measures of creative capability. In order to pursue this path of self realization Ayurveda emphasizes that an individual has to experience his/her oneness with the universe.  An equilibrium between the trigunas and tridoshas is imperative in this regard. Meticulously planned treatments, diets and lifestyle changes heal the body as well as enrich the mind and soul of each individual, so that each can improve from their own levels to a higher goal of realising their true potential.