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Detoxification with Panchakarma

Carry your body, spirit and mind to another plane...
Panchakarma Therapy in Delhi

Panchakarma Therapy in Delhi - Detoxification with Panchakarma

Panchakarma, described in one line, is the ultimate detoxification therapy. One of the most intensive treatments for cleansing, Panchakarma involves five natural Ayurvedic treatments that come together to balance the three doshas (Vatha, Pitha and Kapha) and detoxify your body. It is one of the world's best methods of detoxification, and the results are no less than transformational.

The main aim of the Panchakarma treatment is to eliminate the causes of illness. Panchakarma eliminates the vitiated doshas, improves the metabolism process and helps control and cure chronic ailments. It also helps slow down the ageing process and restores youth.

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Who is this package suitable for

If you often feel tired, exhausted, fatigued, stressed or suffer from aches and pains or other chronic ailments and seek a deep level of relaxation and revitalization, then Panchakarma is for you! It is difficult to pay attention to our body on a day-to-day basis and keep control of our diet, lifestyle, habits, emotions and body urges. A lot of toxic waste is produced in the body due to our lifestyle choices, which lead to the cause of multiple ailments. The Panchakarma treatment aims at restoring the body to it's normal state through its detoxification journey and restore the harmony between the doshas, dhatus etc.

The Detoxification Journey (Duration: 14 to 28 days)

Your detoxification journey will begin with a thorough consultation with one of our expert Ayurvedic doctors who will tailor the package according to your body-mind condition and constitution. This treatment will be closely supervised by our expert Ayurvedic Doctors and Therapists. The Panchakarma treatment is divided into three stages - Pre Treatment, Main Treatment and Post Treatment:

Purva Karma (Pre-Treatment)

Purvakarma comprises two types of preparatory treatments: Snehana (internal and external oleation with natural herbal oils) and Swedana (sudation or steam therapy). During these treatments your excess Doshas are gradually encouraged to move from your limbs to the digestive tract (their proper site) from which they can be eliminated in Panchakarma.

Various Ayurvedic treatments are used in the Purva Karma stage, which are carefully decided by the Ayurvedic experts based on your body condition: 

Abhyangam, Pizhichil, Elakizhi, Podikizhi, Shirodhara, Nethradhara, Thakradhara, Ksheeradhara, Avagaham, Nethra Tarpanam, Swedanam, Steam Bath

Pradhana Karma (Main-Treatment)

The five main Panchakarma treatments are:


Vamana (Emesis)

Natural Ayurveda herbal medicines are given to you orally to induce emesis or vomiting. This totally, and in many cases permanently, eliminates the vitiated kapha dosha from its roots – the stomach.


Virechana (Purgation)

Cleansing of small intestine, liver & gall bladder with the purging process induced by natural herbs


Nasyam (Nasal Treatment)

Herbal oils or powders are carefully administered through the nostrils to nourish and cleanse the bronchus 

Vasthi (Enema)

Herbal decoction or oil is administered through the anus to induce purging of toxins from the body


Rakthamoksham (Blood-letting)

Impure blood is drained out of the body by experts painlessly through various ways such as needle-pricking, venesection, leeching etc. 

Paschata Karma Karma (Post-Treatment)

The Paschatkarma is a post therapy treatment in which the doctor recommends various diets, lists of do's and dont's to maintain you body in the state of detoxification.