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Pitha (Transformation)

The primary function of Pitha is transformation. The Pitha dosha represents the fire principle and is composed of fire & water. It is present everywhere at the cellular level and is responsible for all the metabolic processes and biotransformation occurring in the body.

Pitha provides heat and energy to the body and helps maintain the body temperature. It is responsible for the manifestation of hunger & thirst and provides odour, texture & lustre to the skin. The Pitha dosha controls digestion, metabolism and energy production.

A predominance of the Pitha dosha results in a fiery nature that manifests in both body and mind. A balance of the Pitha dosha in the body makes one muscular, intelligent, determined, lively and warm. An unbalanced Pitha dosha leads to improper digestion, burning sensation, irritation & aggression, ulcers, skin disorders, haemorrhages, eye problems, acidity, metabolic disorders and loss of appetite /excessive hunger & thirst.

The umbilicus, abdomen, sweat glands, lymph nodes, blood stream and eyes are the seats for the Pitha dosha.  The abdomen is the main seat amongst all of them.

The Pitha dosha is further classified into 5 types according to its seat and the different functions it carries

Alochaka Pitha: Residing in the eyes, it governs the function of vision

Bhrajaka Pitha: Residing in the skin, it gives colour, glow & texture and helps maintain the body temperature by excreting sweat

Ranjaka Pitha: Residing in the spleen, it governs distribution of nutrients through blood and keeps it free from toxins

Pachaka Pitha: Residing in the small intestine and duodenum, it is responsible for digestion, assimilation, absorption and overall metabolism.  The functioning of this Pitha is the most essential as it controls the other types of Pitha

Sadhaka Pitha: Residing in the heart and brain, it governs memory, intelligence and emotional activities

Measures to balance the Pitha dosha

1) Avoid hot, spicy, sour food-stuff and fasting

2) Limit intake of salt, fried, oily and fast food

3) Avoid excess exposure to sun, heat, chemicals, steam and strenuous exercises

4) Avoid excess intake of acidic foods, alcohol and meat

5) Control emotions like jealousy, greed, cruelty, competition etc.