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Kizhi (Potli Massage)

Ayurvedic Potli Massage Center in Delhi

Kizhi is an Ayurvedic treatment in which warm poultices filled with herbal oils, powders or medical concoctions are applied and massaged over the body. The natural healing herbs are crushed and bundled into muslin cloth to form boluses. Warm poultices are used to massage the body (or specific parts), to induce sudation (sweat). The entire body or specific parts are made to sweat as a result of application of the herbs. Find Ayurvedic Potli Massage Center in Delhi today.

Key Benefits

1) Alleviate doshas, pain and stiffness
2) Helps the body get rid of wastes and toxins, thus leaving the body rejuvenated
3) Specifically useful in relieving pain, stiffness and numbness
4) Prevent ageing
5) Improve the quality of skin by adding shine and lustre
6) Reduce body weight

Kizhis at Ayurveda Kendra

Navarakizhi (Herbal Rice Bolus Massage)

Duration: 75 minutes

This treatment involves cooked medicinal rice called Njavara, blended with milk and herbs, tied in a muslin cloth bundle and applied all over the body in a rhythmic manner. This unique treatment prepares you well for the stresses and strains of busy modern life. This treatment tones the muscles and is nourishing and rejuvenating.

Elakizhi (Pathrapotala Swedana) (Herbal Poultice Massage)
Duration: 75 minutes

Leaves & herbs of suitable choice (as per the specific body type) are fried in herbal oil and prepared as linen bundles to massage the entire body. This massage enhances blood circulation, thereby increasing perspiration and eliminating wastes. It is very effective in treating inflammatory conditions.

Podikizhi (Choorna Swedana) (Powder Poultice Massage)

Duration: 75 minutes

Our skilled therapists massage your entire body with prescribed herbal oil using small muslin bags of specially prepared herbal powders. This exhilarating treatment relieves ‘Kapha-Vatha’ dominant conditions.