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The main aim of the Ayurvedic healing system is to help the human body achieve a state of total well-being, by focusing on the prevention of diseases and finding a solution to eliminate the root causes that afflict the human body

Ayurveda is a traditional holistic health science that originated in India some 5000 or more years ago. It advocates a way of life in perfect harmony with nature and has evolved down the ages to be an extremely comprehensive and effective way of diagnosing and curing disease, even challenging modern medicine (Allopathy) in many areas. 

Ayurveda (a compound Sanskrit word implying both ‘the science of life’ and ‘the art of living’) began in India during the Vedic period. It is a branch of Adharvaveda (Knowledge), one of the four Vedas or treatises, which forms the basis of Indian Philosophy. Ayurveda was quickly adopted by almost all groups across India and began spreading to places such as Persia (now Iran), China and Afghanistan.

Ayurveda as a science propagates the idea of holistic well-being - the fundamental principle behind all treatments is finding and treating not only the symptoms that cause a disease, but eliminating the root causes that trigger imbalance in the human body. Ayurveda works by triggering the body’s natural healing mechanism to create a natural balance in the body. It not only works on a particular disease but aims to restore and maintain overall health and well-being. 

Naturally, Ayurveda has become hugely popular all around the world and modern research has proved beyond doubt the therapeutic effects of its treatments and herbal medicines.

Intorduction to ayurveda

Dealing with stresses of everyday life requires a science that goes beyond the mere treatment of ailments and has a more holistic approach towards life. Originating in the vedic traditions of India, it is recognised as an effective form of alternative medicine,  representing the science of life and longevity. 

The Central Goal of Ayurveda

Ayurveda approaches an ailment as a change in the life of an individual. Ayurveda explains that this is a result of disharmony between the person and his or her environment. So, the treatment is more specific to the patients psychological and mental composition, aiming to restore complete harmony.


Our body tries to be perfectly healthy all the time through its innate self-healing and self-regulating abilities. However, consciously or sub-consciously, we repeatedly interfere with these natural abilities. Ayurveda helps us create the right internal and external conditions to restore balance to our whole being. Ayurveda recognises the unique constitutional differences of all individuals – even if two people have the same symptoms, different treatment approaches are likely to help. Ayurveda emphasises on the prevention of diseases, rejuvenation of the body systems and longevity of life. It provides an integrated approach to preventing and treating illness through lifestyle modification and natural therapies aimed at restoring balance to body, mind and spirit.