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Aarti, India

Very relaxing and comfortable. Therapists are very nice and professional. Thanks for the great experience.

Abhinav & Ruchi Dayal, U.S.A

We liked it here very much. The Doctor was motherly to us & the two student Doctors were also very friendly. Treatment is very good & wholesome. Stay was also very comfortable. People who give massage are also good. They are also very kind and are experts. We’ve been to Kottakal and we liked it here much better in all aspects. Thank you very much!

Akira & Tukie, Tokyo, Japan

Very relaxing!

Alan Kozlowski, CA, USA

A most healing experience, the depth of relaxation and good feeling was very appreciated and I look forward to come back and experience it again.

Alexander Daniel IPS

Underwent treatment for back pain etc. The treatment was very professionally done with utmost commitment and devotion. I have benefited immensely. Thanks and Best wishes.

Alison Cramer, USA

This has been the most healing and amazing experience. Thank you so much to the doctor and her incredible staff. The treatments were the best I have ever had, the food was wonderful and everyone treated me like family. I wish I could stay another month. Can’t thank you enough. Blessing, Namaste! P.S. I will be back next year.

Altine Jibrin

An invigorating experience that renews. Removes stress and relaxes tired muscles. A mst for a good life and to enable one age gracefully. Expect me again and again.

Ana Moreira, Lisbon, Portugal

I really loved the experience so much, that this is my second time in two days. Thank you for caring, for the professional way you handled us. Thank you. I’ll come back next time.

Andrew, Australia

It was my first experience with this type of massage. It was very relaxing and worth the time. Thanks for great massage.

Anita Puri, New Delhi, India

God Bless the Doctor and her dedicated team of masseurs. I would recommend this massage to everyone. Thank you

Anita Roy, Alabama,USA

Thank you for keeping our tradition alive.

Ariana Wyss, Singapore

A very therapeutic massage, which I needed - made me feel very relaxed.

Barbara Pillceth, Zurich

How wonderful! I really enjoyed this relaxing massage. I’ll recommend this place

Bela Oberoi

Absolutely satisfying. I am grateful!!

Berry Mayorinov

Very peaceful experience in a crazy week

Bibiano Santos, UNESCO, MGIEP

I discovered very professional staff conducted by Dr. Sudha who has demonstrated the expertise valuable for exploring the human body. To be discovered as from me coming from different area of the world and culture. Excellent!

Bobby Lakra, Baltimore, Australia

Thankful to Dr. Sudha and the whole team. Really professional and caring. All boys - Anumod, Padam, Ravi, Virender etc. plus others were great. Appreciate all you help. Regards Bobby Lakra. Happy New Year -2016

Carina Alves

This massage was a unique experience. You feel very embraced by a motherhood feeling.

Carola, Germany

I searched the internet and found you. Now I am years younger and feel really good.

Carole de Yavoosky, France

Very Good!

Chander Dutta, New Delhi, India

It is very nice experience and with one week of treatment I am feeling better.

Dapinder Khurana, New Delhi

It was a great experience – had heard a lot about it but it would be this good, I could only realize after going through the massage. Thanks!

Deyan & Valentine Mihov

A lot of appreciation and thanks to Dr. Sudha for her precious service and treatment. Her team is excellent. Special thanks to Padam, Vicky, Priti and their colleagues who make the treatments a delight. Good luck for further success.

Donna-Maree Wall, Australia

Very different experience. Thank you ladies!

Doonesh Singh, Mauritius

It has been an amazing relief from where I started with learning impairment to progressing towards better health. In particular Shiro Vasthi and Shirodhara have proved to be of most value to me. The staff is excellent and very helpful and caring.

Dr. Govind P Regmi, Minister – Economic, Royal Nepalese Embassy, New Delhi.

I am very much impressed with the type of treatment you are giving. I really appreciate you and your efforts. My wife will continue to come to your place. I thank you very much

Dr. P Khandelwal, Professor South Campus, University Of Delhi

I came with a bad limp on left leg due to arithritis . The 3 weeks massage and medicines has completely cured my limp & I can walk normally. I think this place is excellent for similar problems. I am very satisfied. Dr. Sudha is a wonderful spiritual lady, always going me hope when I was so disturbed with pain.

Eaovang Bouhana, France

After so many trips in India, my best and unforgettable experience for massage is in this famous place Ayurveda Kendra in Delhi. Bravo and thanks!

Emar NB, Dublin, Ireland

An excellent experience. Massages were very thorough, the steam bath for my head was lovely. Each of the therapists was friendly as well as the doctors. The bed room was sunny, and the meal service friendly. I would have liked to learn more about Ayurveda and the various body types. I’ll be back for more massages if I ever return to Delhi! Shukria. Meherbani!

Emi, Japan, Komatsu

Dhara was very nice!! Room also was comfortable!

Gaurav Rukeja, Noida, India

The care and concern have here has been very connecting and emotional. The treatment was holistic and rejuvenating. The support staff has been very good. The facilities and food were also good. I have very high hopes of being healthy very soon. Many thanks. Gaurav.

Geetu Bhatnagar, New Delhi, India

It was truly a rejuvenating experience. The calm, serene atmosphere, diligent and ever smiling staff will be missed. I really thank Dr. Sudha for her guidance and excellent experience. Am sure I will feel better. Thank you…..

Giulia Maura, Alfedena (AQ), Italy

Thanks to all the staff that gives massages. They are all very nice, polite and always smiling. Thank you to Dr. Sudha for making a difficult period of my life much more bearable and useful!

Harsharan Singh, UK

It was a very good experience on the whole.

Hassihiliano Palhieri, Italy

Very Great massage. For me it’s first time having an Ayurvedic massage. A very good experience and very kind persons who perform the massage. Thank you very much!!

Heidi Mohr, Germany

Thank you very much for spotting my weak point very fast and giving me a very good treatment with very relaxing massage. It was very well done.

Hendersonville, USA

Unique massage. Very relaxing. Highly recommend.

Ingrid Guiller

This was a nice first experience of Ayurveda. The ladies who looked after me were ever so nice and so professional. Dr. Sudha diagnosed straight away what i had! First experience but not last! 

Isabelle Hittner Schmidt

I enjoy very much the massage of Rekha, Soma, Ambika, it give me a feeling of peace in the mind and energy in the body. I think my arm pain will go in few days. Thanks a lot to all the team.

Izumi Togasaki, Singapore

After treatment, I felt my body became lighter. Very nice!

Java Hartlick, Denmark

Very good, relaxing, effective. Thank you very much

Joan Azauso, Portugal

That was an amazing experience, my energies are renewed! Thank you guys!

Judith Baloi

It has been an extraordinary experience. I felt like I was bathing in honey. Very skilful ladies. Enjoyed a lot. Feel less stiff and less pain. Thank you.

K Gajjan, UK

A wonderful experience. Feel Fine!

Kamino Chiiyo, China

Wonderful!! Before treatment, my body was tired, but after treatment, I feel better and relaxed. Thank you so much!!

Kanupriya Rungta, New Delhi, India

The massages were very good & the doctor checked in everyday thank you!

Karen Schacfer, Australia

Much care taken in treatments. For serious rejuvenation, in-residence treatment is the best. Two treatments per day, food + consultation all integrated.

Khojasteh Kia

Many thanks to Dr. Asokan, grateful to all of you. I am myself again.

Kiran Singh

I Kiran Singh from Malviya Nagar, having joint pain, visited Dr. Sudha. Having gone through the therapy for 10 days, I am feeling much better. Thanks Dr. Sudha for all the effort. All the best!

Luca Ribacchi, Italy

Excellent massage. Thank you!

M Cassidy, USA

I feel better and relaxed ! Great!

M. Fabrzio Petri 

I think that the centre is well managed. I was very happy with my treatment and I am looking forward to be back in Ayurveda Kendra.

Madeline KupFerer, USA

Great Massage!

Malika Onaguad, France

Thank you very much for the wonderful week of massage during this week I felt more and more relaxed, I felt my body cleaner and cleaner inside and I am very happy. Thanks again. Malika

Mamiko Unno

Wonderful! I’d like to come here again!

Maria Schultz, Sweden

Words for this clinic: Hospitality, Good Food, Health, Friendliness, Good Spirit, Professionalism, Generosity, Heart of India, Nice Staff, Compassion. Feel very relaxed and healthy. Thank you for a marvellous stay!

Mark Spencer

Most relaxing, very energizing!

Marlene Bergermeier, New Delhi

I had a serious car accident and my body was really in a bad condition. Ayurveda Kendra not only helped me a lot in healing my body, but also offered me great help for my mind and for not losing my hope to get healthy again. All the people there are very nice and the doctor and the assistants are very profound in their knowledge. Ayurveda Kendra – highly recommended and worth all the money you are paying!

Michiyo Okumura, Tokyo

Thank you for a great massage. Hope I could have one once again some day.

Mimi Fimestone, South Africa

May you be blessed. I am so privileged and grateful for this experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you !

Mohini Tiwari, New Delhi, India

Dr. Sudha Asokan is very good and authentic for treatment of pain. Good for Ayurvedic medicine. Oil therapy is good for joint pains. Suggest everybody for massage oil therapy who is suffering from joint pains.

Mrs. Bindu Saluja, MD, Club Himalaya, Kathmandu

Fantastic experience. Very very relaxing and worth every paisa I spent. The staff is very very sincere and service oriented. Dr. Sudha is very charming and helpful. Keep up the good work. I hope to see your organization in Nepal and in my hotel Club Himalaya!

Naihalie, France

A good experience and the best relaxing manage before flying back to Paris.

Naoya Nishiyama, Osaka, Japan

Very Good!

Nasdya, Russian Embassy

Very good massage, I enjoyed course of massage – helped me to get rid of back pain. Thanks!

Neena Hopie, Delhi

Everything is very good, staff is very nice and co-operative. The medicine I have taken is effective and I am taking it again. Thanks

Neeraj Khattan, New Delhi, India

I was suffering from Enclosis Arthritis, which was horrible. But after consulting and having treatment with Dr. Sudha, it took 3 weeks massage therapy to slowly and steadily over come the pain I was suffering with. Eventually, I was able to leave my pain killer too. Thanks to Dr. Sudha and the treatment, I am feeling much better

Nidhi Jain, New Delhi, India

Very beautiful & a wonderful experience. Thanks to all staff for a great co-operation. They possess a great talent! Feeling very rejuvenated!! Thanks again!!

Nimita Raina, Toronto, Canada

Ayurveda Kendra is one of the best places for arthritis pains. I experienced amazing results at this centre. I thank Dr. Sudha Asokan, who is very dedicated towards her patients. It is wonderful. I heartily thank the centre. God bless the Ayurveda Kendra.

Noreen Meehan, London

A wonderful, invigorating massage, Highly recommended

Parvati Basu, Kolkata, India

It was a very pleasant experience and stay at Dr. Asokan’s clinic. Caring and sincere hands coupled with authentic Ayurvedic medical knowledge translated into a feeling of rejuvenation and well being. I came for a stress free detox treatment but received much more than that. I feel energetic, less aches and pains and less lethargy. I have bounced back with positive energy. Dr. Asokan is an inspiration.

Patti Brito, NY U.S.A

My experience was so wonderful, the practitioners were so professional. They work from their hearts. Very grateful. Thank you

Paule Carneino, Portugal

A very relaxing experience, Thank You!

PC Jain, New Delhi

A good centre for cure of complicated ailments by a qualified, dedicated and courteous staff. My wife Kusum Jain’s 7 day treatment for her knee problems has yielded fruitful results.

Peggy Oneal, San Francisco, California

Dr. Sudha & staff - the very best of Ayurveda!! Panchakarma treatment wonderful to help revive body and mind. Fabulous preventative medicine. Will be back. Thank you

Pragya, Delhi/Varanasi/Nepal

Wonderful experience of relaxation. Hope to come back again for the heavenly experience. Thank You!

Rahul Ranjan, Delhi

With all the hope gone for my lumbar disc problem and with surgery being left as the only option, this therapy came as divine help. Me any my family members are really happy to see me stand on my feet from a complete bedridden situation. All my thanks to Dr. Sudha, Dr. Pushpa and everyone.

Rahul Shiva & Pranjal Shiva

Thank you so much to Dr. Sudha and team. All are so wonderful. We felt so good - like home away from home. Thank you from bottom of our heart.

Rahul, New Delhi, India

It was a wonderful experience and I am feeling much better after the treatment.

Rajeev Kumar, New Delhi, India

I was suffering from severe slip disc. Treatment including massages did miracles. From stage of acute pain to stage of walking pain free has become possible only because of their efforts. Great work, may god bless them!

Remani Jayadevan, New Delhi, India

Very good treatment, very much thank you for getting such a holistic traditional treatment in Delhi.

Rita Aoun

Amazing! It goes straight to the heart to the soul, to the self. Thank you.

Romila Mehra

I am feeling better after getting the massage. The Doctor and staff are both very accommodating. It’s a pleasure to come here. Thanks.

Rosamund, Shillong, India

Excellent massage, relaxing and very refreshing. Will visit again when in Delhi. Thank you very much. Keep it up!

Roswitha Kramer, Germany

I highly enjoyed the treatment and the friendliness of the staff. Dr. Asokan is a wonderful and committed doctor and I had no problem to have confidence in her. Thank you to all of you. I am glad I came here.

Rosy Bansal

Very interesting experience was full of positivity, with a feeling of improvement every day, after 21 days, I feel much better. Thanks!!   

Ruby Sandhu, UK

Nothing short of a miracle. I arrived at the clinic in a dire and distressed state. I had a handbag full of medication/ inhalers/ antibiotics after one session threw them away. After meeting the doctor, I entrusted my faith entirely to her and the staff. Two days later I am 90 percent cured. I can not recommended me choice highly enough. Thank you so much.

Sapna Gairola, Washington D.C. USA

Excellent service, and exceptional products. Dr. Asokan is extremely knowledgeable and an exceptional physician.

Sarika Pahwa Virk, India

It was amazing and majestic. I am back with myself and full of energy. I would like to come again and again. Entire staff in Ayurveda Kendra is amazing. They are always smiling and try to give their best to keep us comfortable. Dr. Sudha, you are a magician. Keep it up!! I am so happy that after this 7 day course, my pain is gone. I will surely see you again. With warm regards

Shing Nain, Warwickshire, England

Thank you for the good service provided. It’s impressive how everybody is dedicated and wants the best for the patient, especially the goodwill of the girls.

Shivalika, New Delhi

I came here in lot of pain after the doctors had recommended surgery and I was very much ready for it. But after coming here, after 1-1/2 months I was fully cured. After 2-1/2months my pain also went away and I am now fit and very fine. I thank all the staff and doctor - they were really very caring.

Smita Choubey, New Delhi, India

An unique experience. Very relaxing and enjoyable. God bless you for starting something like this.

Sonal Kapoor, Ghaziabad, India

Thanks for giving me my life back. The treatment is excellent and so satisfying. The hospitality of the staff is just awesome and adds to the best recovery.

Stephanie Pugne, France

Great massage! Perfect start to a day in Delhi. Thanks again!

Sumie Katai

It was very nice, wonderful!

Svend Gutteridge, Denmark

Good holistic treatment, relaxing and non-invasive and effective. To be recommended for its holistic approach.

Tejinder A. Thiara, USA

Dr. Sudha Asokan and her entire staff at Ayurveda Kendra are true miracle workers. I have been seeing Dr. Asokan for the past five years and she not only helped me lose weight and attain a healthy outlook on life, but also remedied my back problems. In a short two weeks I am leaving a different person…. One who is healthier physically, emotionally and spiritually. Till we meet again, many thanks and all good blessing are sent your way.

Touchard Franck, France

It’s the first time I had a massage with two persons. I will remember this experience all through my life! Thanks a lot.

Umesh, Washington D.C, USA

I am grateful for pain relieving and exhilarating treatment.

Uttara Dey, Meghalaya, India

Big thank you to Dr. Sudha Asokan and all the staff at the Ayurveda Kendra, for giving me this healthy and wholesome one week experience. good luck to you all …

Valerie – Kiu, Malaysia

Great treatment. Wish I had more time!

Vishal Kandoi, India

Very relaxing and comfortable.

Wendy Larson, USA

A wonderful first experience of Shirodhara. Melts away travel stress. Thank you

Yoshika Eshill

Thank you very much for the relaxing massage. I was surprised at the quantity of oils they used and the masseur ladies were very warm and nice. Thanks again!