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Beauty Therapy

Restore your natural beauty from the inside out...
Beauty Therapy in Delhi

Beauty Care Ayurvedic Treatment Program - Beauty Therapy in Delhi

Restore your natural beauty from the inside out with Ayurveda Kendra’s stunning beauty therapy package. Developed by our expert Ayurvedic beauty physician, it is designed to deeply pamper you, improve your complexion, give shine and vitality to your skin, tone your body, improve blood circulation and revitalize your inner spirit!

This splendid package includes a range of special face packs (using our own freshly ground Ayurvedic herbs), skin care, hair care and eye care treatments.

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Who is this package suitable for

If you are looking for the most natural way to restore your beauty and bring out your inner glow, our Beauty Therapy is the solution for you. This package has been specially designed to improve the quality and lustre of your skin, tone your body and help you feel relaxed and revitalized at the end of the journey. If there is a special day or ocassion coming up where you want to look stunning, or you just want to get back to your original beauty which has worn out, this package is a must try!

The Beauty Therapy (Duration: 7 days)

Your relaxation journey will begin with a thorough consultation with one of our expert Ayurvedic doctors who will tailor the package according to your body-mind condition and constitution. Diet and lifestyle guidelines, as per Ayurvedic traditions, will also be recommended.

Treatments for the Head and Face

Mukha Abhyangam: Face massage to stimulate the vital energy points and sensory organs

Shiro Abhyangam: Relaxing head massage to soothe your nerves

Shirodhara: Continuous stream of warm herbal oil on your forehead to calm your body

Face Pack: Application of face pack to treat pimples, pigmentation, blemishes and enhance glow of skin



Full Body Treatments

Pizhichil: Classic Ayurvedic massage to draw out impurities and leave you peaceful, calm and relaxed

Abhyangam: Synchronized full body massage

Udhwarthanam: Powder massage to tone your body

Navarakizhi: Poultice massage with Njavara rice blended with milk & herbs to nourish your body and tone your muscles



Steam Bath & Body Wrap

Herbal Steam Bath: Exposure of the body to steam to unclog pores and eliminate toxins

Body Wrap: Full body scrub to remove toxins and create natural radiance