Ways to keep your eyes healthy

Ways to keep your eyes healthy

Healthy Eyes

Ashtanga Hrdaya Samhita says “All efforts should be made by men to protect the eyes, throughout the period of life” For, a man whose eye sight is affected, he is unable to witness the beauty of this world.

Here are a few methods which if practised as a daily regimen can go a long way to protect your eye sight:

  • Use of Triphala Choornam– the regular use of Triphala Choornam for both external and internal administration is proved to be very beneficial for healthy as well as diseased eyes.

Internally, Triphala Choornam added with honey, had at bed time is not only good for the eyes but also acts as a Rasayana (Rejuvenator). This practise also keeps your bowel movement maintained regularly.

For external use, a decoction made with Triphala Choornam room temperature can be used for washing the eyes (Kshalanam). This done as a regular practice keeps the eyes free from infections, inflammation, itching, concretions, allergies, sty, redness in the eyes etc.

  • Withdrawal of mind from sensual activities- Ayurveda says that one of the disease causing factors is the excess dependence of the sense organs on their objects. When we sit in front of the television or computer for long hours it gives a lot of strain to the eyes and in the long run can lead to problems relating to the eye sight, cervical spondylitis etc.

So it is advised to use a screen cover for your computers. And also one can wash face and eyes with fresh water repeatedly. Direct exposure to the sunlight or brightly light objects should be avoided. Now a days, the level of pollution is also very high and can cause harm to the eyes. Using a good quality sun glass is advisable.

  • Purificatory therapies–  A Virechana ( purgatory therapy ) done once in a month will remove the accumulated toxins from the body. Virechana is a treatment specially mentioned for Pitta aggravated conditions, and the eyes are usually susceptible to be effected by pitta aggravated conditions. So, a Virechana with Avipatti Choornam once a month will keep your eyes cool and fresh.
  • Application of oil- Application of oil and a good head and face massage are also highly beneficial to the eyes. Massaging around the eyes improves the circulation to the eyes, thereby rendering a better eyesight and helping to tone down the dark circles.

Cucumber pack twice or thrice a week around the eyes helps reduce pigmentation of the dark circles and also cools the eyes. Oils like Kayyanyadi Thailam, Thriphaladi Thailam, Neeleebhringadi Thailam etc. can be used for head massage as these are cooling for the eyes and head. In summers, one can wash their eyes genuine rose water.

  • Tarpanam- is a treatment procedure wherein medicated ghee is made to stand around the eyes for a particular period of time. This is useful in conditions where there is vision abnormalities, lacrimation, pain, swelling, excretions, fatigued eyes, dry eye etc. Medicated Ghees like Jeevantyadi Ghrtam, Traiphala Ghrtam etc. are used for this procedure.
  •  Dietary specifications- a slight alteration in the diet can give you the much needed vitamin A. Include lots of vegetables like spinach, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, cucumber and fruits like grapes, banana and papaya. Other foods like milk, butter, fish, chicken, liver (goat and chicken) cod liver oil etc. are also good sources. Including tender coconut water in the diet is also a good practise.
  • Using Elaneer Kuzhampu as an eye drop once a week, helps clean the eyes.