Amla or Indian Gooseberry is found throughout India, in deciduous Forests and on hill slopes upto 200 meter, also cultivated in plains.


Language Wise Name
Sanskrit Amalaki
Hindi Amvala
English Indian Gooseberry
Malayalam Nellikka


Every part of the tree possesses therapeutic potential. It contains five Rasa-sourness as the foremost, it is sweet, bitter, pungent and astringent except salt, It rejuvenates the body, provide strength and wellness by boosting our immune system therefore help to fight diseases. Amla is rich in natural vitamin c. The fruit is fibrous in nature and has antioxidant properties. The root bark is astringent and useful in ulcerative steatites. The bark is useful in diarrhea & myalgia. The leaves are useful in conjunctivitis and inflammation. Fruits are useful in vitiated conditions of Tridosha.


1) It improves liver function. It is helpful in lowering cholesterol& blood sugar level.
2) Effective in acidity, indigestion, constipation, flatulence etc.
3) Very effective in upper and lower respiratory tract infection i.e. cough & cold, tuberculosis, Bronchitis & Asthma.
4) It has antigen properties so delays wrinkles or loosening of skin and maintains the glow of skin.
5) It prevents premature graying of hair. It stimulates hair follicles thus promoting hair growth & also improves tocture of the hair.
6) Very effective in skin diseases and eye diseases.


Amla is the main ingredient of chyawan Prasash,Agaima vaye , Amla Rasayan. Triphala (containing amla) has laxative property. It is useful in all types of constipation & piles. Amla Juice equal quantity of water empty stomach in the morning gives antigen effect and increase the resistance power of the body.