General Health during Ritu Chariya

Ritu Charya

General Health during ‘Ritu Chariya’

Ritu CharyaThe outer environment affects our inner state of mind & body. The seasonal changes affect every individual in a beneficial or harmful way. In Ayurveda for this, there is a term ‘Ritu Sandhi’. Sandhi means ‘junction’ & Ritu means ‘Season’. SO Ritu Sandhi is the period that joins two season i.e for 2 weeks. 8 days from outgoing season & 8 days for incoming season.

By following the principle of ‘Ritu charya’ (seasonal dietary recommendations & routine) every one can achieve maximum benefits from the good qualities of season & remove harmful effects of seasonal change. During this weather change dimmed fires inside to burn body toxin or ‘ama’ fully. The ‘ama’ accumulates blocking the micro channels of the body and generating phlegm or ‘kapha’. This ‘Kapha’ and ‘ama’ makes mucus result in disease.

Our Acharyas have well planned the concept of ‘Ritu charya’, by considering the properties of ‘Tridosha’ Panchamahabhuta Rasapanchaka etc. in various seasons & its adverse effect on human body.

If do’s and don’ts of ‘Ritu Sandhi’ are not followed properly, It leads to Tridosha prakopa or dhatu pradosh vikar. Tridosha Prakopa is conservative factor of almost all disease vitiation of Dhatus giving rise to ‘Dhatu Prodoshaj Vikaar’. If we are in the tune with our own bodies needs and in tune with nature intelligence , then we will naturally crave the foods and daily routine that will keep us in balance when the season change.

Proper diet is the best medicine. During hot weather it is good to eat foods with high moisture content. During autumn high protein foods are good. Summer fruits are Orange, Water Melon, Pine apple, Pears, Plums, Grapes, and Peach. When winter avoid Ice cream, Yogurt, cold drinks.

The time of days also matters in Ayurveda diet. Cereals should be taken in the morning. Fruits and juices are appropriate to the afternoon while boiled veggies, soup should be taken in evening. For dinner avoid nuts, fried food and rice. Almost 80% of diseases suffer are due to improper diet and dietary habits.
Virudahras ahaar may give rise to many comical reaction in our body which can not be visualized certain virudahras ahaar may be affecting our digestion directly or indirectly either influencing digestive enzymes or hormones.

Diet of present weather is as follows.
Stay away from cold foods like ice cream and yogurt.
• One should avoid tomatoes and banana’s as they are cold fruits that slows down the Agni.
• Keep insides warm with warm spices like cumin which burns Ama.
• Trust in turmeric that kills Ama.

Life style is as follows.
• Start days with 2 glasses warm water.
• Don’t skip meals.
• Don’t fast during winter.
• Sleep- it builds essential energy and Ojas, boosting immunity.