Dealing with Hair loss, The Ayurvedic way

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Dealing with Hair loss, The Ayurvedic way

Hair Fall Control

Hair Fall Control

Hair fall as we know is a major concern among all age groups and among both the genders. And this is now a growing fear in the younger generation than the older. We all yearn for healthy, lustrous, nourished, thick and glossy hair and are ready to do everything possible to own it. Getting healthy hair need not be a tedious job every time, it can be as simple as oiling your hair as a regular regimen.

There are several reasons why hair fall has become such a common concern for the youth :

  • Not regularly oiling your hair
  • Not investing time for proper hair care
  • Spending more time in salons for chemical treatments, straightening, smoothening etc.
  • Excess exposure to pollution, dust, sunlight etc.
  • Change of water from place to place
  • Improper food habits leading to mal nutrition and deficiency diseases like anemia
  • Chronic diseases like typhoid, thyroid etc.
  • Dandruff or drying of scalp
  • Skin or scalp infections
  • Daily stress, job related tensions, erratic work schedules
  • Using harmful hair products like shampoos, dyes, conditioners, masks, blow drying.
  • Inadequate sleep
  • Inadequate vitamins and calcium intake. At times people are told to avoid dairy products which is a wrong practise as one can develop calcium deficiency due to this.
  • Increased intake of fried, sour, spicy, salty foods, tea and coffee.
  • Excessive anger, excessive consumption of alcohol and meat.

Ayurveda opines that oiling hair should be practised regularly to ward off ageing, fatigue, for healthy eyes and hair. But today we hardly find time to do this.

And this leads to drying of scalp and hair, dandruff, splitting of hair strands, hair fall, hair breakage etc.

Hair rejuvenation therapy is a potent formulation of ten well known herbs which are proven hair growth promoters. It is a result of years of study and practice and processed by authentic methods prescribed in the scriptures. The ‘dash-tatva’ formula of Shakti Hair oil works to tackle several hair problems like dandruff, hair fall, hair thinning, split ends etc. It also provides a cooling effect to the head.

The active principles of the ingredients ( Tulsi, Bringharaj, Gunja, Cow’s milk, amla  etc.) help rejuvenate the scalp by removing dirt and flakes to prepare it for better hair follicles and hair strands.

The oil goes deep within the roots and accelerates renewal of hair. Shakti is a complete hair rejuvenation therapy as it nourishes the roots, gives strength and lusture to hair,makes them thicker, gives it a natural colour and prevents the scalp from infectious diseases. The new hair strands which grow will be stronger and healthier and further hair fall will be arrested.

A Regular practice of massaging your hair for five minutes with this one step solution will take care of all your hair blues. To shop online and to know more about this product visit our website today