Inflammatory diseases, mostly in the form of common cold are the most common disorders of the nose and accessory air sinuses. Most of these inflammatory conditions are viral in origin, but often they are complicated by superimposed bacterial infections having considerably greater significance.


RHINITIS: The more elegant way of saying “common cold”. Most commonly caused by viral infection. They evoke a profuse thick phlegm or mucus discharge, thickened nasal mucosa, edematous, nasal cavities are narrowed and the turbinate are enlarge. These infections soon clear up, usually in a week if appropriately treated but only after 7 days if ignored.

ALLERGIC RHINITIS: It is initiated by sensitivity reactions to one of a large group of allergens perhaps most commonly the plant pollens. The allergic reaction is characterized by marked mucosal oedema, redness and mucous secretion. Recurrent attacks of non specific or allergic rhinitis eventually lead to focal protrusions of the mucosa producing so –called nasal polyps which may reach 3 to 4 cm in length.

CHRONIC RHINITIS: is a sequel of repeated attacks of acute rhinitis. Most cases of common cold, inflame sinuses associated (bacterial infection) with systemic upset caused sinusitis.
Sinuses are hollow air spaces in the human body. They usually are referring to symptoms in one or more of 4 pairs of cavities or sinuses known as Para nasal sinuses.

These cavities located within the skull or bones of head surrounding the nose including-

Each sinus has an opening into the nose for the free exchange of air and mucus and each is joined with nasal passages by continues mucous membrane lining.
Symptoms- location of sinus pain depends on which sinus is affected.
Maxillary sinusitis:- can cause pain or pressure in the cheek and upper jaw area e.g. tooth ache, headache.
Frontal sinusitis:– can cause pain or pressure in forehead, headache,
Ethmoid sinusitis:– can cause pain or pressure between or behind eyes, headache.
Sphenoid sinusitis:– can cause pain or pressure at the top of the head, earaches, neck pain Other symptoms are- fever, weakness, tiredness, cough that may be more severe at night, runny nose or nasal congestion, sore throat, bad breath, decrease sense of smell.


Acute condition starts with common cold, which is caused by a virus – cold can inflame the sinuses, in chronic condition- the membranes of Para nasal sinuses and nose are thickened because they are constantly inflamed.
If a child having common cold with a clear runny nose does not mean this is sinusitis. If other symptoms can include a fever, cough, headache bad breath, sore throat, irritability, loss of appetite and less active, although facial pain and facial swelling is not always present. If these symptoms persist from a few days upto a month it is called acute sinusitis. If the problem lasting 3 months or more it is termed chronic sinusitis. Chronic sinusitis is relatively rare in children. If it is untreated then it can cause Asthma.

According to Ayurveda- Respiratory tract infection like pratishyaya, Peenasa (sinusitis), Kasa, swasa is produced as a result of vitiation of kapha dosha. The root of RT problems is digestive system especially related to stomach and small intestine. When ingested food is not properly digested due to mandagani (disturbance metabolic process), so undigested substances (AMA) contributes to an increase in phlegm, not only to mucus but also thickened fluids generally, because of vitiated kapha dosha, immunity of the body will get effect, so Ayurvedic treatment(Oral and Therapy) will help to increased the resistance power of the body.

TREATMENT- According to modern medicine
• antibiotics
• analgesics,
• corticosteroids
• antimicrobial nasal spray s
• surgical

ACCORDING TO AYURVEDA-Panch karma and Kerala therapy with oral medication is quite effective in sinusitis.
• Head massage with medicated oil is effective to prevent kapha from accumulating in head.
• Apply karproradi thailam on face, add 4-5 drops of this thailam into boiled water and take good steam.
• Nasyam-with Anu thailam is very effective to clear the sinuses.
• Shirodhara- continuous stream of medicated butter milk on forehead is very effective treatment.

ORAL MEDICINES-some of them are:-
• Dasamulakatutriyadi kashayam
• Indukantam kashayam
• Pathyaksha dhatriayadi kashayam
• Vasakadhyarishtam
• Allerkhand
• Agastya rasayan
• Dasamula rasayan

Avoid exposure to irritants e.g. Cigarette, and strong ordure from chemicals
Avoid exposure to anything from which you are allergic.
Avoid dry indoor environment and use a humidifier.
Keep your nose as moist as possible with use of saline sprays.

• Vit A and Vit C rich food and fruits are very effective to treat sinusitis. Mango, pumpkin, tomatoes, carrot, papaya, leafy vegetables, milk contain Vitamin A. Amla, orange, lemon contain Vit C.

• Fried, freezed, heavy food should be avoided.