Concept of Rasayana


Concept of Rasayana

Rasayana is one of the most essential branch of Ayurveda which is being practiced effectively since ages. References of Rasayana is even found in Vedas. The answer to premature aging lies in Rasayana therapy. Ancient Indian literatures like Mahabharata and Ramayana has got numerous evidences quoting the importance of Rasayana therapy which shows that it has been practiced extensively during that period of time.



 What is Rasayana Therapy?

 It is a form of promotive treatment in which one attains longevity, excellent memory, youthfulness, good complexion, luster, optimum strength of physical and sense organs.

According to charaka Samhita, the two methods of Rasayana therapy are:

  1. Kutipraveshika (indoor)
  2. Vatathapika (outdoor)

Kutipraveshika / indoor Rasayana therapy

A Cottage should be built in an auspicious place, facing east or north direction, with easy availability of necessary accessories. It should have sufficient space area and height, three concentric interior Chambers one after the other, thick walled with narrow ventilators, favorable in all seasons, clean and naturally lited, sound proof, should not be attended by opposite sex, having physicians, medicines and priest ready at call.

After performing his own religious rituals or prayers for the success of the therapy, an auspicious date should be fixed to enter the cottage. The person should be clean shaved before entering the cottage First he/she should undergo purificatory therapy before administering Rasayana drugs. The patient must have complete faith in the therapy. He should co-operate with the physician with the determination and single by mindedness for the success of the therapy. His mine should be free from worries about his past life, doubts and other desires.

Vatathapika / outdoor Rasayana therapy

This is a simple, convenient and cheap way of administering the rasayana drugs where the person remains in his or her home and continuing their day-to-day activities and duties.

According to the purpose of Rasayana, it is of three types,

  • Kamya – to achieve desired specific purpose
  • Ayushya – attaining longevity
  • Medya – increase brain function
  • Vayasthapana – slow down aging
  • Improving sensory functions
  • Improving funtions of dhatus and srothas

Naimittika Rasayana – treatments done with rasayana preparations for curing the diseases. Ex: use of agasthyarasayana in respiratory diseases

Ajasrika Rasayana – daily use of milk, ghee, honey or any other drugs with rasayana properties to keep the person healthy and defend against various ailments and also to promote his general strength

Rasayana can be administered and practiced in 3 ways:

  1. Aushada rasayana
  2. Ahara rasayana
  3. Achara rasayana

Aushada rasayana

Administration of rasayana therapy through medicated drugs which has promotive properties. Chyavanaprasa, Agasthya rasayana, Brahma rasayana etc are some examples.

Ahara rasayana

Use of food items which has got rasayana properties in daily routine. Use of milk, ghee, honey in daily diet is very good for maintain health and strength.

Achara rasayana

Code of conduct to be followed as rasayana. it’s also called “Nithya Rasayana” to be followed by every individual to attain peaceful life and good quality of mind.

It can be categorized under 3 headings:

Physical conduct;

  • Avoid alcohol, smoking or other harmful addictions
  • Avoid violence
  • Follow a strict routine in life
  • Do not over eat, over sleep, overdo exercises and sex
  • Take healthy and nutritious diet in adequate quality

Social and mental conduct;

  • be truthful
  • avoid anger
  • keep a peaceful mind
  • be compassionate and merciful
  • avoid ego, complex, grudge,narrow-mindedness
  • respect others

Spiritual conduct;

  • practice meditation and yoga
  • offer prayers daily
  • Do Charity and donations to the needy.

A person who follows the above code of conduct daily gets benefitted with Rasayana. Role of Balanced social life has to do a lot with keeping a person healthy both mentally and physically.

Importance of Rasayana therapy in modern world

Do you have a healthy food habit? Are you eating and drinking what you should be? Do you have at least one hour in your day to take care of your body? If the answer for this question is a “NO” then it’s high time that you start thinking about the consequences. some of us due to busy schedules during the day, tend to skip meals or just eat whatever is available on the run, but keep forgetting what exactly are we taking, does it contain all the factors that can nourish our body. We are constantly being exposed to harmful environment that damages our internal organs. There comes importance of Rasayana treatment.

 We start with the purification methods to cleanse all the toxins out of your body before starting Rasayana therapy. Then we administer rasayana drugs which is rich in vitamins, immune modulators, anti-aging factors, hemopoietic factors, nutritive and Neuro protective actions.

Rasayana  is a specialized type of treatment influencing the fundamental aspects of the body, that is, Dhatu, Agni and Srotas. Different Rasayana drugs act with their different predominant effect present in their chemical constituents at different levels of the body ultimately leading to the achievement of perfect health.