Method of pouring medicated warm oil on the patient’s body continuously, followed by gentle massage is called Pizhichil, This treatment is a peculiar treatment from Kerala which has got numerous benefits



Drava Swedam (formation with liquid)

  • Kaya Sekam (Sarvangadhara) – For whold body
  • Sirodhara – For head


  • Tailadhara / Pizhichil
  • Kashayadhara
  • Dhanyaamladhara

Among all the treatments done for the body, the pizhichil treatment is proved to be very effective.


The treatment should be done in a specially made wooden table called “Paathi”. The wood used for making the paathi has got medicinal properties.

Preparation phase:- The patient should be seated on the table. A small amount of oil is applied on the head and given a head massage. Suitable oil should be applied on the face, neck, and shoulders and massaged.

Main procedure:- The patient while sitting on the table, warm oil is applied all over the body. After that, two masseuses standing on either side of the table will pour warm oil on the body of the patient with a cloth dipped in oil. The oil should be falling from a distance of 4 fingers from the patient’s body through the masseur’s thumb and massaging gently with masseur’s other hand. One person will be continuously supplying the warm oil. The treatment is for about one hour 30 minutes which ends with steam (whole body fomentation). The treatment is done in prone, supine, sitting and lateral positions.

We in Ayurveda Kendra, use about 2 liters of oil every day for treatment. The oil used will be different from patient to patient depending upon the nature of the disease and characteristics of the patient. Every day fresh oil is added to the previously used oil until 4th day. On 5th day we use a fresh set of oil. The treatment should be done for about 14-21 days depending upon the chronicity and severity of the disease.


Improves blood Circulation

The optimum heat of the oil and synchronized massage with the medicated oil helps in dilating the microchannels of the body thereby letting the blood to reach every corner of your body. This will relieve any disorders related to impaired circulation.

Helps in degenerative arthritis and inflammatory arthritis

The medicines present in the oil are lipoprotein soluble compounds which will reduce the inflammation; nourishes strengthens the body due to their respective properties.

In degenerative conditions like Osteoarthritis, spondylosis, etc. the oil will lubricate the joint spaces, regenerates the synovial fluid which will help in ease movement of the joint.

The massage with warm medicated oil improves the lymphatic circulation, taking out the toxins from the body; improving the metabolism taking place in every cell, reducing the water retention in the body, localized and generalized edema, etc.

Improves circulation:-

Massage will improve the circulation in the body. All the organs in the body get enough blood supply; keeping it healthy. The blood vessels’ walls are kept strong and without any obstruction. It is helpful in deep vein thrombosis, diabetic foot, gangrene, etc.

Relieves anxiety and depression

The pouring of warm oil and synchronized massage produces a feeling of almost well being and comfort for the patient. This influences the brain to produces hormones like endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, etc. which act as antidepressants, anti-anxiety memory-boosting factors.

Reduces blood Sugar levels

Pizhichil has proven to reduce blood sugar levels in multiple ways. When we pour warm oil in the body and massage, the oil being lipophilic penetrates the cell membrane which is made up of protein and lipids. The medicines present in the oil acts on each cell by reducing the insulin resistance in the cell, thereby reducing the blood glucose level in the body.

The fat tissue or adipocytes also gets scraped off by the pizhichil due to the action of warm medicated oil which can penetrate to depose layer underneath the skin through the cell membrane. Thereby reducing obesity in patients.

The warm medicated oil and massage also stimulates the nerve endings, thereby improving the nerve functions which relieves the altered sensation, numbness, tingling, etc. This can help in neuropathy, radiculopathy, etc.