Successful case report on Infertility


Successful Case Report on Infertility

A 34 years old patient, diagnosed with infertility was bought to OPD in 2016. Couple got married in 2010 December and was not conceiving naturally. Her HSG suggests Bilateral complete tubal block. She had undergone allopathy treatment, HSG was done 4 times before coming to us and all of them suggested the same status.


The report also suggested stenosis of cervix, due to this condition, during natural intercourse, the seminal fluid was not entering the uterus. She has undergone many allopathic treatments until she decided to go for Ayurvedic managements.

Initially she was given with internal medicines only, which was aimed at reducing the stenosis of cervices; regulating the hormones, conditioning of the uterus and ovary. She also had PCOD. Therefore, the follicles were not rupturing without injections or medications.

Until 2018, she continued internal medicines without fail. March 2018, she decided to go for our external treatments, Pizhichil, Panchkarma therapy and Uttarvasti treatment.

Uttravasti is mainly indicated for cases of infertility where the medicine is inserted through vagina and retained for some time.

After doing 21 days of treatment, HSG was done which showed right fallopian tube partially opened. This brought strong belief in her mind towards Ayurveda and her confidence also improved. She decided to go for another treatment sessions. She was also instructed to do pichu (application of medicated oil dipped cotton in vagina) and Varti (insertion of medicated cotton)

She took a break of 4 months but continued internal medicines and again in August 2018, she took Pizhichil, Panchakarma and uttaravasti treatment. In follicular study, it was rupturing naturally without any injections or medications. There was not much change in the condition of the cervix, so we instructed her to go for IVF.

In September 2018, she had undergone IVF and got conceived. The gestational period was fine and uneventful and the fetus growth was normal. She delivered a healthy baby boy in 2019 September.