Successful case report on ILD (interstitial lung disease)

Interstitial Lung Disease

Successful case report on ILD (interstitial lung disease)

Interstitial Lung Disease

Interstitial Lung Disease

A 49-year-old female patient was brought to the outpatient department complaining of shortness of breathe while walking for a while, climbing steps, exerting. She was diagnosed with ILD by allopathy doctors. She reports that she has recurrent attack of bronchitis and upper respiratory tract infections. Allopathic management did not improve her symptoms. She was already taking steroids and was advised by allopathy doctors to start methotrexate which is a chemotherapy and immune suppressant. she denied that and decided to go for Ayurvedic medications.

Patient is a non-smoker and non-alcoholic, residing in Delhi, married and has 2 children. She is a working women and not a known case of Hypertension or diabetes.

She is moderately built with dull, pale looking face and anxious look. She has shortness of breath after talking for some time, Climbing stairs, walking few steps. She looks anemic.


Cardiovascular- Regular heart rate and rhythm with no added sounds.

Respiratory system-

On Auscultation

  1. a) Chest Expansion- barely visible
  1. b) Crackle sound in heard
  1. c) Shallow breath – Breath sounds cannot be heard towards the middle and lower
  1. d) lobes of both lungs.


No abnormality detected

Laboratory studies

On 20/03/2018

ANA- +Ve

Scl 70- 63.59

Spirometry – Score was less than 50%


Patient was given with Kashyam, arishtam, lehams which are rejuvenating the lung tissues, decreases the fibrosis of alveoli walls and to built immunity.

Follow up

She had recurrent attack of respiratory tract infections, cough, cold allergies etc., but with 6-8 months of internal medicines, her frequent incidence of cough and cold, bronchitis etc. reduced. After 1 year and six months of disciplined intake of medicines, her condition has improved.

Laboratory studies

on 20/07/2019

Scl-70-12 which was 63.59 on 8/3/18, is now negative with a value of 12 on 20/7/2019.

Spirometry test– She could score around 80% in the test which was below 50% one year and six months before.

On examination-

  • While auscultation, the breath sounds can be heard through out her lung region.
  • Slight crackle on the apex of right lung and lower lobe of left lung

Chest expansion is normal

Patient doesn’t have any breathless while climbing stairs, walking few distance, talking etc. there is no recurrent incidence of respiratory tract infections, no cough and cold

She is not looking anemic

We have given to her very simple medicines which was written by Acharyas more than 6000 years ago. Only herbal medicines, and no metallic preparations was provided to the patient. By God’s grace and patient’s belief in Ayurveda medicines, she got effective results.