Winter Care & Pollution

Winter Care & Pollution

Winter is coming. Let us take enough precautions to fight against the harmful effects of this season. Winter starts from November to the end of February. As these is a gradual transition from hot climate to the cold climate, there are certain changes taking place in our body as well. During this season the strength of the person increases. There will be vitiation of pitta and vata dosha in the body. Therefore, one should restrain from all vata aggravating food and activities.

The digestive capacity of the individual increases and this will lead to increases appetite. The food taken will be digested quickly due to increased digestive fire so one should take heavy, sweet, sour and salty foods. Avoid taking spicy, dry, pungent, astringent food as it will aggravate vata in the body. Strength of individuals increase during this season. One should apply oil with vata pacifying nature before bath and take bath in warm water during this period.
Winter in Delhi

Winter season in Delhi commences from first week of November to last week of February. During this period Delhi is affected with lot of pollution. The pollution in Delhi largely due to the industrial and road traffic, crop burning from neighboring states, authorized and unauthorized construction activities etc. This produces a thick haze in the atmosphere which consists of large concentration of nitrogen oxides, particulates matter, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone etc. together called as Smog. When an individual breathes smog for too long it can produce dangerous effects on the body and lead to diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, respiratory tract infections, allergies, skin disorders, eye irritations etc. Taking a walk for 30 minutes outside is like smoking 35 cigarettes daily.

Ayurvedic way of dealing with pollution

The prime and important thing to be done during the season is to get rid of toxins from the body and the effective way of doing it is through the purificatory measures or Panchkarma therapy. Pizhichil or Oil bath treatment is done where all the toxins are extracted to the gut through massage and flushed out by vasti or other Panchkarma measures.

Under going purificatory therapy and massage therapy during this period is considered to be rejuvenating, detoxifying and also help in building the immunity. This will act as a protective measure to keep you healthy throughout the season. Vata aggravation during this period will increases aches and pains in the body and stiffness. spondylitis and arthritis get aggravated during this period. Due to weak immunity, an individual is susceptible to infections and fevers.

Undergoing oil massage will reduce vata aggravation in the body. It is advised in Ayurveda to do application of oil regularly and massage. This procedure is known as Abhyanga in Ayurveda.
The toxins accumulated in the head and chest is removed by treatment called Nasyam.
Undergoing detoxification treatment before the winter season will help you to be healthy, strong and immune towards the infection and disease caused due to climate change. It will strengthen the lung capacity and improve the respiratory system.

We have very good oral medicines too, which will increase the strength and immunity of our body especially respiratory system. Medicines like Agasthyarasayanam and Chyavanprasham is to be taken daily which will be an immune booster and improves respiratory system. These climatic changes happens every year and its very necessary to take a detoxification treatment before commencing of winter.

General measures to beat the pollution:

      • Drink plenty of warm water to flush out the toxins from the body.
      • Wear protective masks whenever stepping out of the house.
      • Maximum restrain from outdoor activities and stay indoors.
      • Instead of doing physical exercises outside practice yoga, meditation and pranayama indoors daily.
      • Surround yourself with lots of plants, grow indoor plants at home.
      • Consume lots of green vegetables and fruits daily. Clean all the vegetables and fruits properly with water before consuming.
      • Take lots of fresh amla, lemon, orange juice which are rich in vit C.
      • Avoid taking food from outside, junk food, bottled drinks, which contain preservatives and aerated drinks. All these can add toxins to the body.
      • Avoid smoking and alcohol.
      • Consult doctor immediately when you start experience any respiratory distress.

Some ayurvedic medicine to consume daily which will remove toxins from your body.

Triphala choornam – Take one teaspoon of triphala choornam with hot water daily at bed time.
Anutailam– Apply karpooradi thailam on face, neck and chest region and steam for few minutes. Instill 2 drops of anuthailam on each nostril and spit out the phlegm coming to the mouth

Take steam twice daily. Applying karpooradi thailam on face, neck and chest.

Boil water with jeera, dry ginger and take in luke warm daily.

Take 1 teaspoon curcumin powder (turmeric powder) with one glass of hot milk every day.