Losing Weight The Ayurvedic Way

Ayurveda weight loss therapy

Losing Weight, The Ayurvedic Way

According to Ayurveda:

Ayurveda weight loss therapy

Ayurveda weight loss therapy

‘Karshyameva varam sthaulyat na hi sthoolasya bheshajam’ i.e., being lean is better than being obese because it is very difficult to treat diseases affecting the obese people. In this condition all the tridoshas (vatapitta& kapha) and dhathus (rasa, raktha, mamsa, medas, asthi, majja, and sukra) get vitiated. All the channels (blood vessels lymphatic ducts, sweat glands, urinary tract, intestines etc) get blocked by ama, and excessive doshas. It gradually reduces the body metabolic rate and in this way causes obesity.

The main causes of obesity are the food& life style that vitiate the dosha kapha and dhatu medas. Food prepared from butter, ghee, coconut oil, whole milk, cream, cheese, refined flour, red meat etc increase the body mass index. That means all junk foods including pizzas, burgers, soft drinks, ice creams etc, sweets, fried items will cause obesity. Main habits that cause obesity are day time sleeping, eating in between meals, snacking on high calorie foods like dry fruits& chips, sedentary life style, lack of exercise and stress and strain which lead to over eating.
Diseases causing hormonal and metabolic errors also cause obesity (hypothyroidism, Cushing syndrome and nephrological disorders). Female hormone disorders like Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease, menstrual disorders etc cause obesity. Hormonal therapy and steroid therapy also cause obesity.

We have our Panchakarma therapies and special Ayurvedic massages to treat obesity. Through Panchakarma all the excessive vitiated doshas or impurities comes out from the Practicing yoga under a qualified person will help to relive stress and strain and regulate the endocrine functions. Life style changes and diet modifications are necessary to control obesity.

Increase the intake of dietary fibers, whole wheat flour, cereals, brown rice, oat meals, fresh fruits and vegetables. Reduce your calorie intake with a balanced diet. Take up aerobic exercises like walking and swimming.body. In this way all the channels of the body become clear. With this the metabolic rate becomes normal and the BMI ratio comes down.

Researches have shown that strict dieting strict dieting slows down the metabolic rate, leads to tissue damage and severe malnutrition. After a short while weight regain is also noted. So it very important that dieting should be done only under medical supervision. Dieting alone can’t help to reduce weight effectively, so it should be combined with therapies and exercises.